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The world of online marketing is forever changing. It’s no great news that Social media has become a force to be reckoned with or that the online social world can now effectively help you reach thousands of potential customers instantly. But if everyone’s using it, how can you make yourself stand out from the sea of discount codes, motivational quotes and cat videos?

Make your business stand out

The skill of a good marketeer is to spot the daily trends. Just like the hashtag, successful social media techniques frequently change. Something will trend for a few days or hours like some types of content will boost your web traffic one week and have little effect the next. Suddenly that hashtag is nowhere to be seen and your delicately planned content is having little effect on your SEO. You need to be online and paying attention if you want to keep up.
Like the persistent #MondayMotivation, the use of video content has boomed over the past year. Take the rise of vloggers and Youtubers. PewDiePie has earned $15 million in the past year and gathered over 49 million subscribers. Video is powerful. Simple.
We are now working with many of our clients to create a combination of professional video content for website and advert use and shorter more ‘throw away content’ suitable for social channels.
The effects have been overwhelming. We recently hosted a live video competition which reached over 50,000 people overnight on Facebook alone, using no paid spend.
All in all, video content is rather splendid and if you’re not using it you should be.

Why use video content in your marketing strategy?

1. People are lazy
Who doesn't scroll through their feed these days? You've got to capture your audience. Video content (and FB's handy auto play feature) will always have a better chance of doing this than text alone or a still image.

2. People want things then and there
You can get anything you want pretty much straight away these days.
I'm in Manchester and I want Chinese food at 4am - sorted. I want to be able to shop online 24 hours a day - no problem. We've grown accustomed to it.
Video content allows you to get everything across to your user straight away, there and then.

3. It's more personal...
and people like that.

4. It's more engaging
There are more ways a user can interact with a piece of video content than any other post online. Again, look at the rise of the Vlogger.

5. Video will always reach more people
This is just the case. Video just goes further. More people will take in your content, see your brand, and interact with your posts.
If you’re looking to develop your marketing strategy, pop in for a brew and a chat or contact us here.

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