What is Marketing Automation?

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Marketing automation explained

As a concept marketing automation has various definitions but the simplest is - use of software to automate and integrate marketing tasks such as social media posts, personalised email marketing and tracking website visits. By using marketing automation tactics it is possible to personalise content making it relevant to a specific person and adding value with the ‘personal touch’.

Why use marketing Automation?

One of the advantages of digital marketing is being able to stay in touch 24/7 but there is a potential risk of too much information. Marketing to the masses no longer works, one message doesn’t fit all. People are bombarded so using marketing automation software that can capture and analyse social networks data, shopping habits or website journeys is invaluable to help create more personalised and relevant marketing messages.

What is dynamic content?

Sometimes referred to as ‘smart’ content it is content that can be changed on a website, advert or email depending on the viewers previous browsing history, their interests and criteria set. The fact this happens instantly provides both the marketers and potential customers with some great opportunities.

It can be used in many forms; pop up offers on a webpage, a product recommendation or simply as a personalised email, all made possible by marketing automation tools. One of the most common uses is online shopping recommendations; the viewer is shown a number of related products to that which have previously been purchased or are still being viewed.

How to use dynamic content

Personalised emails
This goes much further than simply inserting a name, it’s possible to adapt the content based on location or interests. For example, a company might send out a newsletter based on current weather conditions; if it’s snowing it might target people with an interest in snowsports or promote upcoming events within a specific proximity.

Forms follow up
Dynamic content can be used when creating forms but also for follow up communications. Once someone has completed a form they are more likely to be receptive to marketing so its’ possible to provide tailored content, or direct people to it, based on the responses given in specific fields on the form.

Digital technology is everywhere and changing frequently with endless opportunities, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many more options beyond marketing automation and dynamic content so if you need help battling your way through it all and exploring the many other options out there then drop in for a brew and a chat.

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