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Some argue that Email Marketing is a dying form. We disagree. Email marketing can be a superb addition to any strategic marketing campaign when created and carried out correctly.

We have achieved Open Rates as high as 71.17% and Click Through Rates of 23.16% for one of our clients in the tourism and hospitality industry. Industry standard currently estimates an open rate of 21.21% and CTR of 2.33% is considered ‘good’.

But of course we don’t just want ‘good’ here at The Creative Branch! As with everything we do, we strive for excellence and perfection!

When carried out poorly, email campaigns can be a costly and harmful practice for your business, so our advice is to always seek a professional to create and send your campaigns for you, or help you get the ball rolling.

Looks easy right?

Wrong. There’s a huge range of email campaign ‘no no’s’ that can turn a successful campaign into a portion of poorly spent budget. Here’s three of the most common problems we see…

Subject lines

Issue one - they’re boring. In a sea of hundreds of other emails it is crucial that you stand out from the crowd! Issue two - don’t promise what you can’t deliver. Subject lines that are misleading can lead to a blacklisted account. Be honest and keep your customers happy.


A disproportionate, poorly designed or low quality emailer will reflect just that - poor quality. When you invest in your design, you invest in your potential customers.

Give them the opportunity

What is your emailer trying to do? Increase sales, enquiries, bookings, downloads…? Make sure it does.

It sounds like a simple one, but all too often we see email campaigns that offer no clear Call to Action. Create a journey for your customer that leads down the email, giving them plenty of opportunities or reasons to take action!

If you’re looking to reboot your email strategy or enter the world of email marketing for the first time, pop in for a chat and a brew. We’d be more than happy to help.

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Do you love all things creative?

Us too! Keep up to date with everything from our latest brands to wonderful new websites.

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