Financial Management Bureau Brand

Who says financial management can't be fun?

Well we don't care what they say, working with Ruth, Liz and the team at FMB has always been fun and fascinating (and it's not everyday you get paid to draw fairytale Princesses and call it work).

FMB wanted a brand that expressed their unique business and focused on sharing their expertise, history and knowledge in a way that stood out from the crowd. We drew on the heritage of the fairy tale to emphasise the passing on of wisdom from one gereration to another. As a pitch it seemed like a longshot at the time but Ruth and the team embraced the change in direction and we took up our pencils and created some illustrations that still make us proud.

Over the years we've worked together on a plethora of projects from print to digital, signage to video and we can't wait to see the next evolution of the brand in 2016.

That's enough about us...

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