It's beginning to feel a lot like christmas

This season always feels like the most expensive time of the year, so we’ve put some thoughts behind how to get the best result from your social advertising over this festive (expensive!) period.

The festive period is now officially upon us (although some started as early as September this year!), with the advent calendars and mince pies, businesses can also expect a higher ad spend during this time.

You would expect this, with the biggest shopping days of the year happening (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Green Monday) as well as the endless Christmas sales, every business is trying to be seen and sell as much as possible while demand is high.

So how can you give yourself a leg up to improve your conversions during this period?

Here are our ‘go to’ top tips to improve your chances:


This should always be the first step when it comes to any digital advertising. Adding pixels to your site is a great start but we believe there is far more you could be getting out of your data.

If we take the example of an eCommerce business, we want to be tracking:

  • Purchases
  • Payment info add
  • Add to cart
  • Checkouts initiated
  • Searches
  • Content views (on product pages)

This allows us (and the platform) to see how users are interacting with the site up to the point of sale. This information can then be used for remarketing and look alike targeting as well as advert optimisation.

Start Broad

This may seem counterintuitive given that the rhetoric within the digital marketing sphere is to be more targeted. However, with the launch of IOS14 earlier this year, the amount of data available from users on your site has diminished.

What this means is that we need to start gathering information in order to give the social platform (Facebook, Twitter etc.) more to absorb and optimise.

For eCommerce businesses with a national presence, we would recommend instead to target the whole of the UK for at least 2 weeks in order to gauge the type of people who are converting on your site.

This data is GOLD! and can be used for...

Custom Audiences

The term ‘custom audience’ refers to an advert targeting option that lets you find your existing audiences among people who are on Facebook. This can be information gathered from your website or any lists you may have.

Using the broad targeting techniques to gauge a better understanding on your sale conversions, there is opportunity to remarket those users who didn’t quite complete the checkout process as well as creating lookalike audiences based on those who did make a purchase.

These two pronged approaches will encourage users to return to the site as well as inviting new users who are likely to convert.

If you found this helpful and wish to continue the conversation over a mince pie or some Quality Street (yes, the selection box is already in our office!), please pop in or call us for a chat.

Written by Bailey.

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