LDHA Campaign success

After the success of our strategic Winter marketing campaign for the LDHA (Lake District Hoteliers Association), we are pleased to say we secured a year long relationship with the organisation to launch their second Winter campaign and to continue securing those all important bookings and visits throughout 2018.

Last year we -

  • Developed the popular ‘Real Lakes’ brand
  • Created a range of Social channels gaining over 12,000 followers on FB alone within 4 months
  • Created the bespoke ‘Real Lakes’ website
  • Earned nearly 44,000 PPC impressions within a location targeted 4 month campaign
  • Gained over 1000 Opt-In email subscribers from a standing start
  • Launched a nationally recognised Photography competition
  • Overall reached tens of millions

Building on the success of the 2016/17 campaign, this year we outlined new objectives including -

  • Capitalise on legacy assets from last years campaign. 
  • Make best use of well established channels by farming existing contacts and audiences whilst driving to increase audience reach
  • Streamline messaging with the single goal of increasing bookings and visits to attractionsBuild Legacy for 2018 to increased ROI for membersThis years Winter campaign will be coming to a close over the next few months and we have already seen fantastic results across a range of channels having surpassed many of our initial campaign aims.

New successes include -

  • The innovative new ‘Real Lakes’ App has reached over 1000 downloads in a number of weeks
  • The FB account has grown to a following of over 40,000 people within 2 months
  • A 3.31% increase in unique users to the website year on year
  • An average CTR on PPC Search Adverts of 8.52%
  • Hundreds of millions reached within 3 months (600 Million from a single FB post)
  • Our expert, dedicated team have made this campaign possible through strategic marketing, innovative development and clever design. If you’re looking to launch a new campaign or would like to build on the success of past campaigns, pop in for a cuppa and a chat. Our team are always ready to talk strategy!

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Do you love all things creative?

Us too! Keep up to date with everything from our latest brands to wonderful new websites.

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