Reopening, and rediscovering ourselves

We reopened our offices this month, with a new lick of paint, new desks, new plants. Same team, just refreshed.

It's been a year since we locked the office door and all shifted our make-shift desks to our make-shift home offices. We remained open throughout, possibly working harder than ever before as a team, most certainly longer hours and across many weekends.

Collectively, we are incredibly proud of all that we were able to achieve over this last year. As cliche as it sounds, not only did we survive, but we can honestly say we have thrived.

Not so much in the financial sense - we’ve been through the same global crisis as everyone else! But we have thrived in learning, unapologetically as a team and in ourselves, how we want to work, who we want to work with, and how it fits our individual lifestyles.

What did we observe? In March 2020, unsure if a Creative agency like ours could survive, we made a unanimous and immediate decision to support everyone that needed our help.

Pausing existing client’s accounts if they wished, pivoting their marketing strategies, introducing eCommerce platforms at speed, rethinking and designing new campaigns and messages.

We met a lot of new clients in need of some quick wins who were new to marketing and new to online sales.

We also had a few clients that took the opportunity to pause and invite us to collectively reposition their business, brand, and customer experience.

What did we discover?

Endless zoom calls zap all the energy from you, especially on a Monday!

It's tough, but essential to remember to contact your colleagues - not just because there is a deadline looming.

Surprise home deliveries, gifts, and secret virtual birthday celebrations go a really long way.

To work the hours that suit the team, individual lifestyles and most importantly, clients. When are we most efficient in the workplace; when do we lag and minds drift; when do we need to provide childcare or homeschooling. To be encouraged to let yourself step away, go for a run, and come at it from another angle.

But most importantly, to recognise worth in finding the perfect fit. To work with clients who are ambitious, sometimes crazy and stubbornly strong in their vision but who also are realistic and respectful partners.

Who understand the importance of providing the best experience possible for their customers, whether that's online, offline, on the shop floor or a complete mix. And understand the worth in a good agency that always goes above and beyond to deliver.

Written by Rosina.

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Do you love all things creative?

Us too! Keep up to date with everything from our latest brands to wonderful new websites.

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